Hub Motor



Find the perfect Hub-Motor EBike for your lifestyle

Here's the 411 on Hub-Motor Electric Bicycles: 

Hub-Motor means that power of the bike is coming directly from the motor in the middle of the wheel, which is usually the rear wheel. 

First and foremost, they're inexpensive! It's easy for manufacturers to attach them to existing frame designs, so the lesser costs in research and development of new Ebikes mean a lower pricetag for you, the customer. 

Secondly, there are a lot of options! They've been made for a long time, so there are many options of power level and size available. 

Third, they can operate the bike all on their own with a throttle, meaning if you're exhausted or if your chain breaks on a ride, you can make it home just by throttling the bike like an electric motorcycle. This makes them immensely fun to scoot around on as well, as they're usually pretty robust.

Overall, you'll find Hub-Motor EBikes to be affordable and fun vehicles for your daily commute, and they fair pretty well off-roading as well.