The most cutting edge technology in EBikes. 


Mid-Drive means that the motor powering the wheels is in the middle of the bike, connected to the rotating pedals.

The latest research and development of EBikes is mostly centered around Mid-Drive technology because of the advantages it provides over Hub-Motors, namely that Mid Drive just gives a much more natural riding experience. You go further and faster with each push of the pedal and you feel like your legs and body are supercharged in their connection to the machine and the road.

Other than that, they have superior balance with the motor being perfectly in the middle of the bike. Going uphill and downhill, especially on off-road trails, the Mid-Drive bikes feel like a mountain goat with their ability to climb great pitches without being weighted in either the front or back. 

Overall, Mid-Drive EBikes make thrilling and excellent adventure vehicles for exploring trails and difficult terrain, and they also make a great commuter. Though they usually have a higher price tag due to higher costs of development, you'll find that spending more on a great Mid-Drive will reward you with every push of the pedals.